General Linguistics


This is a general introduction to linguistics, the analytic study of HUMAN language. The discussion will cover the basic concepts of language and linguistics, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.
In addition to the classroom seminar session, students are required to apply the concept of each component of language to such languages as English, Indonesian, or Javanese.


After taking this course, students should be able to:

  • to explain the basics concepts/features/characteristics of language
  • apply the concepts/rules of each component of language (Phoneme, Morpheme, Clause, Discourse, Meaning) in the language they speak (English, Indonesian, Javanese)
  • observe and solve simple linguistic problems.

Weekly Discussion

Week 1: Download the Course Outline here.

Assignment – 1 (Due September 8, 2014)

  1. In your own words, write what you understand about language.
  2. We analyze only human language. What are the differences between human language and animal language?
  3. Write the benefit(s) of learning linguistics.
Week – 2: Basic Concepts of Language
We’re discussing some properties of human language, especially those that make human language different from animal language. For further reading, please check Yule (2010, pp. 10 – 16).

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