Snow White

One day there lived a beautiful princess, her name was Snow White. She was so pretty, with blue eyes and her skin was delicate and white. She lived with her own parents. When she was 17 years old, her mother passed away.

Then her father found a beautiful woman then married her without knew her well. That woman was a witch. Then she killed the king and she was going to kill Snow White.

Snow White ran into the forest and the witch knew about it, she asked one huntsman to find Snow White. She ran and ran until she felt tired, then she found a hut. She went there, entered the hut and then slept on one of seven beds.

Seven dwarfs went home from their work and then they met the huntsman, they asked him “What are you doing in this woods?” The huntsman said, “I am looking for princess Snow White, the queen wants me to kill her, but I can’t do that because she is so kind and lovely.”

Then the dwarfs and the huntsman went to the hut and found Snow White already slept there. She was shock and the huntsman told her what the queen was going to do with her.

She scared and asked the huntsman to help her. The huntsman helped her. They went into far and save place. Then they lived happily ever after with the seven dwarfs.

Khafidhta Qudsiana

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