Once upon a time, in the beautiful village there lived an old carpenter. His name was Geppeto. He lived alone in the small house. His wife and child died in the war two years ago. He made many puppets everyday and sold them to get some money. One day, when he was carving a puppet, he cried because he missed his family so much. Then, he prayed to the God in order to make the puppet alive. The next morning, he was surprised because his puppet was alive. This puppet had two clear eyes, tiny nose and lovely smile. Geppeto named him Pinocchio.

In the afternoon, when Gepetto went to the market, Pinocchio walked happily along the street. Then he attracted at a circus show and wanted to see the show. Suddenly, someone greeted him and introduced himself as Dan. Dan invited him to see the circus show. Pinocchio agreed it. In the night, Pinocchio went home late. Gepetto was angry with him. He asked where Pinocchio went all day. Pinocchio told that he came to the school. But, suddenly his nose got longer. It meant that he was lying.

The next day, Geppeto went fishing to the sea and he left Pinocchio alone at home. Pinocchio just stayed at home all day. But, he felt lonely, then he decided to follow Geppeto in the sea. They were happily fishing together. Then, a big wave smashed them. A big whale appeared and ate them up.

They had fainted for two hours, when they awoke they just realized that they were in whale’s stomach. So, they tried finding a trick to go out of whale’s stomach. Geppeto put together some stuff into one and made a bonfire. Fortunately, the whale felt hot and it spewed them out. After that, they hugged each other on the shore and went home together.


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