Jantur and Menur

Once upon a time, there were Jantur and Menur living in a cabin with their mother and father. They were twins. Jantur was a boy and Menur was a girl. However, they had different personalities. Jantur was lazy, selfish and bad-tempered, but Menur was kind, patient and diligent. Menur always told Jantur to become a good boy but he didn’t care.

One day, Jantur came to Menur with his angry face and shot at her,

“Menur, where’s my food? I’m hungry!”

“Wait for a minute, Jantur. It’s still cooked.!It’s better for you to help me mop the floor now. Mom and Dad will be home soon”, said Menur.

“Aaaaarrgggh!!! Don’t you know I’m starving??”, said Jantur. He said bad words to Menur and it made her cry.

Menur told about it to their parents after they’re coming back to home. They tried to give Jantur an advice but he ignored them. Moreover, Jantur became worse than before.

Another day, Jantur came to Menur and their parents. He asked about the money. Their father ignored him because he knew Jantur would use it for a bad thing. Jantur became so angry and he threw Menur and their parents away from the cabin. They’re shocked. They didn’t believe that Jantur could do that to them. With their sadness, they looked for another place to stay.

Jantur felt happy because he could do anything that he wanted. He spent their parents’ money for bad things. He didn’t feel satisfied with the money, so he sols their parents’ animal, such as cows, goats, cocks and hens.

Menur and their parents found a house. They did hard for their prosperity. They had an animal cattle and they became rich.

On the other side, Jantur ran out of money and he didn’t have any properties again to be sold, except the cabin. He sold the cabin and used the money foolishly. At the end, he ran out of money again.

Jantur also became thin. He got a skin disease. There were black dots on his skin. He felt suffered and miserable.

Jantur didn’t have a way to go so he just walked and walked. Then, he arrived at a beautiful house. There was Menur in front of the house but he didn’t recognize her. Menur also didn’t recognize him because his appearance was like a beggar.

Menur felt sorry for him and offered him a food. When she came closer to him, she was shocked.

“Jantur, is that you??”, asked Menur surprisingly.

“Menur?”, asked Jantur back.

“It is you! Mom! Dad! Jantur is here!”, said Menur. Their parents came out from the house and welcomed Jantur. Jantur couldn’t say anything. He did bad things but his family still accepted him. He felt really guilty.

“Menur, Mom, Dad.. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I promised you I won’t do that again”, said Jantur.

“It’s okay, Jantur. I believed you”, said Menur. Their parents had also forgiven him.

Finally, Jantur became a part of the family again. He also became a good person. He always helped Menur and their parents. They lived in the house with happiness.

Hanan Tri

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