A Man and a Parrot

There was a man who had a parrot in his house. He loved to teach it to speak every word.

He taught the bird new words every day. The man taught it to say “Hello,” and “Good bye,” to his parrot. Sometimes, the man said, “You are Pretty Polly,” and the parrot repeated him, “You are Pretty Polly,”

One day, the bird wasn’t in its cage. The man looked for it around his house. When the man saw the parrot, he said, “what are you doing?” and the parrot imitated him “what are you doing?” The man laughed to hear the parrot.

The man went out to meet his friend. He left the parrot in its cage.

In the evening, there was a thief came to the house. He brought a big sack. When he found the house empty, he started to steal many valuable things as much as he could. After he found his sack was full, he thought to go out from the house.

Suddenly, there was a sound which surprised the thief. “What are you doing?” said the voice. It made him jumped high and dropped down the sack.

“What are you doing?” the voice shouted again. The thief ran out the house and down the road.

“What are you doing? Hello. Good bye. You are Pretty Polly,” Apparently, it was the parrot which shouted the voice.


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