The Ugly Ducking

Once upon a time in an old house near a river, lived a mother duck. Behind the house, the mother duck sat on ten eggs. She waited patiently until all eggs hatched.

Almost all the eggs hatched except a big one. The mother duck got worried then sat and sat on the last egg until it sound “thick. thick,”. Finally the last egg hatched and a big baby duck with ugly grey feather jumped out of the egg.


One day, the mother duck took all of her baby ducks to swim on the river. They wanted to look for food in the farm yard across the river.


“Quack! Quack! Follow me kids!” said the mother duck. Almost all the baby ducks swam slowly but neither with the ugly ducking. Although he was the ugliest, he was the strongest among the baby ducks.


In the farm yard, when all animals saw the ugly ducking, the got surprised. They laughed and started to mock him.


“You are so ugly and big!” Said the hen.

“You don’t belong here. Your mother must feel sorry about you,” mocked the cow.


The ugly ducking was very sad to hear that. He went to the river and cried. At that time he was some beautiful swans flew over the river. The ugly ducking stared at them and prayed to the God.


“I wish, I wish I was born as a beautiful swan,” prayed the ugly ducking in his smooth voice.


The time goes by, from summer to winter and to summer again. The ugly ducking lived in loneliness. He went to the river and wanted to do suicide by drowning himself. But before he jumped into the river, he looked at his reflection. He got surprised because all of sudden he turned into a beautiful swan. He felt happy and did not feel lonely anymore because now he lived with the other beautiful swans.

Hanna Chalista

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